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Here's how your gift works

By purchasing 'Safe Water', for instance, your gift can:

  • Provide clean water and public sanitation facilities in poor areas.
  • Supply poor villages with water through a solar-powered water system.
  • Promote hygiene in poor areas.
  • Offer proper and sustainable faecal sludge management so water sources are not contaminated.

We will use your donations on a specific programme. For example, money coming from the purchase of 'Safe Water' could be used to build wells in poor communities. However, if the donations we receive exceed the needs of the programme, we ask that you allow Oxfam Hong Kong to respond flexibly to the varying needs of poor communities around the world and redirect your donation to a similar or equally important project. This will ensure the most effective use of your donations in meeting the needs of poor communities.

Oxfam Hong Kong - Working With People Against Poverty